The E.D. Cubed, Inc. Fantasy of Trees Angels Program (2009-2010)

This now obsolete program allowed awards to financially needy children (ages 2-12) and/or elderly/disabled persons.

The E.D. Cubed, Inc. ACHIEVERS Program for Girls

Participation [Referral *] Guidelines

  1. *The student must reside in Fulton County.
  2. *The student must be enrolled in and attending a partner high school in South Fulton County, with which E.D. Cubed, Inc. partners.
  3. *The student must be referred to E.D. Cubed, Inc. by the partner school’s Principal and/or designee or by the Board of Directors of E.D. Cubed, Inc.
  4. *The student’s family must have annual income of $40,000 or less.
  5. *The student must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.8 in core courses.
  6. *The student must exhibit good or better conduct.
  7. The student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) must agree to the student’s participation in the program and must encourage the student to meet program requirements.
  8. The student must regularly attend meetings, field trips and activities of the E.D. Cubed, Inc. ACHIEVERS Program.
  9. The student must participate in appropriate volunteer community service events per age and physical ability.

Detailed information about the E.D. Cubed, Inc. ACHIEVERS Program is described in the “E.D. Cubed Inc. Achievers Program for Girls Handbook for Students, Parents/Guardians.

Targets of the E.D. Cubed. Inc. ACHIEVERS Program

  1. Primarily seeks to enable enrolled students to graduate high school and/or to gain acceptance by accredited colleges and/or post secondary educational institutions.
  2. Enrolls financially needy students in grade nine, who are referred by the Principal (or designee) of the school, with which E.D. Cubed, Inc. is partnering.
  3. Provides annual orientation for enrolled students and their parents and guardians.
  4. Provides annual orientation or as needed, provides updated versions of the ‘E.D. Cubed, Inc. Handbook for Parents, Guardians and Students.
  5. Provides regular meetings, field trips and fun activities for students.
  6. Purchases books, planning calendars and study aids, as applicable, for students to promote their time management skills and to boost their achievement especially in core subjects.
  7. Encourages students to read books and to provide brief book reports during meetings and/or some activities.
  8. Stresses continual high performance in core subjects.
  9. Provides tutorials and dynamic workshops to promote high performance in core subjects and to promote emotional intelligence (which includes tolerance and life skills).
  10. Emphasizes and tracks students’ participation in volunteer and/or community service activities.
  11. Stresses the importance of pre-college tests and conferences with school counselors and/or advisors to students in grade 12.
  12. As needed, assists specific students with individual support/help.
  13. Provides students promoted to grade 11 with the latest edition of the book, “Get it Together for College” by College Board.
  14. Beginning in grade 11, tracks college readiness activities of students.
  15. Provides opportunities for students in grade 12 to practice skills which may be required for college admission (application process, college application essays, interview skills, etc.)
  16. Requires students in grade 11 to familiarize themselves with the scholarships listed in the E.D. Cubed, Inc. web site and with the mode of application for them.

More detailed information about the E.D. Cubed, Inc. ACHIEVERS Program for Students is described in the “E.D. Cubed Inc. Handbook for Parents/Guardians and Students”, which is currently being revised.